Citizen Participation

To achieve a ZEROcarbon Sonderborg before the end of 2029, it is very important that all stakeholders accountable for carbon emissions are motivated for a strong participation.

Sonderborg has 76.000 citizens living in urban and rural areas, in own houses, rented private owned houses or rented flats in house association owned houses. As houses/buildings and people account for app 45% of all carbon emissions and private transportation accounts for another app. 17 %, it is important to secure and maintain a strong citizen participation!.

In 2008 ProjectZero invited local citizens to join what became the ZEROfamily learning program, where more than 100 families during 2009 learned how to save energy and water by picking the low hanging fruits. The outcome was impressive as average family saved 25% in energy and 45% in water consumption. The outcome was created based on mainly awareness and change of light bulbs.

In 2010 the ZEROhome program was created based on the best practice learning from the ZEROfamily program. The program is focused on assisting the 18,600 private house owners in Sonderborg to find the best solutions for energy retrofit of their average 65 years old homes.

In spring 2011 ProjectZero together with CLEVER introduced electrical cars for testing by private families. During 3 years 80 families got an opportunity to drive an electrical car for free during a 3 months period. This testing gave important information to scientists and the car industry about how the new electrical cars could be implemented in the most efficient way into our daily life. Today many citizens in Sonderborg drive their own electrical car and Sonderborg has many public charging locations for electrical cars.

Rural-area programs have been implemented to assist the app. 25% of the population living outside the urban-areas. These programs are driven by local communities, where citizens are inspired each other and implement community solutions to green energy production, transportation, local food, local job creation etc.

October 2014

ZEROhouse program - helping the areas 18.600 private house owners to find the best solutions for energy retrofit of their homes.

Citizens with a new electircal vehicle

A kid ZEROmember of the ZEROfamily