TEST an electrical vehicle

An electrical vehicle from the Sonderborg area tested by two hairdressers

Visions of a green e-mobility future

Sonderborg was a testing ground for electric cars and ProjectZero was a partner in CLEVER “TEST an EV” project.

The Project ‘Test an EV’ was the largest electric vehicle project in Europe which during 2011 and 2012. It included 30 Danish municipalities and 2,400 test pilots as active participants in finding out how best to implement the electric vehicle in today’s society.

In Denmark, we are in general very aware of the climate challenge, the environmental impact and the importance of green energy. And likewise with the project ‘Test an EV’ we were in the pole position. Through our co-operation with different educational institutions, other sectors and private companies, we were able to make use of important know-how and competences.

During the project 80 families from the Sonderborg area participated as test pilots and each family drove an electric car for 3 months free of charge.

The project ‘Test an EV’ positioned Danish Industry and research at the forefront of the rapidly growing clean technology sector and proved, that Denmark was both able and determined to make the electric vehicle a success.

The project ‘Test an EV’ was meant to form the basis of future research within the field of environmental optimization in the choice of transport methods, general sustainability and an improved use of energy resources on national and international level. Today electrical cars have been integrated both in business and family transportation and the number of sold cars are increasing every year.

ProjectZero together with Insero E-mobility and “Danish EV Alliance” are promoting electrical cars in the Southern Denmark Region as part of the national electrical car incentive program.

October 2014

An electrical vehicle seen in the Sonderborg area

Another electrical vehicle seen in the Sonderborg area

Electrical cars lined up in front of the Sonderborg Castle