ZEROfamilies – Ambassadors to the community

The ZEROfamily project offered training and education in low carbon and sustainable lifestyle for Sonderborg citizens.

Through group courses and workshops the families obtained knowledge of which key points, in their everyday lifestyle, are easy to change and yield efficient results; both in terms of CO2-reductions and economic gains.

Participating in different workshop, the families have learned about changing the old habits in their everyday life in order to save energy. The families were also challenged by having to read their meters and filing the energy consumption with ProjectZero every single month. This activity created awareness of actual energy consumption and motivated the entire family to find new ways and solutions to reduce the energy.

More than 100 families took part in the ZEROfamily program, and became role models for all citizens in Sonderborg.

On average the ZEROfamilies electricity consumption was reduced by 25 % and the water consumption reduced by 45 %. The ZEROfamily project was carried out in 2009, and the experiences of the families have served as a basis for further citizen involvement, both in and outside Sonderborg. The families will continue to serve as ambassadors to the community, taking the lead in private climate action.

The ZEROhome program took important lessons learned from the ZEROfamily program and applied them on a larger scale of homes and families.

October 2014

Pia Bramming - a committed member of the ZEROfamily