ZEROhome program

A holistic approach to energy retrofit

Late 2010 ProjectZero launched its ZEROhome (ZERObolig) program focused on engaging house-owners in energy retrofitting the areas app. 16,800 private owned houses. The program was focused on the EU energy label and qualified ways to improve the individual houses current energy standards.

The ZEROhome program was supported by national funds such as “” and “ Vaekstforum for Region SouthDenmark”, and served also as role model for how energy retrofit of private homes can create new green jobs.

The program involved important stakeholders
To help answering the house owners question “what needs to be done”, the ZEROhome program offered a free energy review/consultation carried out in their homes. During the consultation the energy consumption was reviewed, improvement opportunities and cost discussed and an action plan defined.

Next step was to connect the house-owners with qualified craftsmen to get the job done in a qualified way. To secure the ZEROhome-program, ProjectZero together with the technical college and vocational school (EUC Syd) has implemented a craftsmen training program to improve their energy understanding and energy consulting competences.

Financial support has been secured
House-owners often need to finance the retrofit, and ZEROhome therefore has worked with the areas banks to secure a good understanding of the cash-flow in energy retrofit and competitive loans for the house-owners.

Real estate agents, consulting engineers and architects are other important partners of the program. Together with local architects the ZEROhome project have developed an inspiration catalog to help the house-owners integrate their own ideas with energy retrofit and create a cheaper, better and more climate friendly living.

Demonstrating the creation of new green jobs was an important part of the ZEROhome program

Demonstrating the jobcreation was an integrated part of the project. By creating more awareness, interest and desire for energy retrofit the project generated more than 100 jobs in the construction industry.

October 2014

More than half of the area´s craftsmen have joined the training program

Energy renovation of a house in Sonderborg