Our Masterplan & Roadmaps

ProjectZero is the vision for making the entire Sonderborg-area CO2-neutral by 2029.

During 2008 and 2009 more than 75 leading Danish energy specialists analyzed the areas opportunities and challenges and created the ProjectZero 2029 Masterplan, concluding that Sonderborg can achieve ZEROcarbon by 2029.

Key issues are as follows:

  • Massive focus on smart use of energy. Lowering consumption by energy efficiency improvement is estimated to reduce energy consumption by 40% compared to baseline 2007.
  • Conversion to multiple renewables including efficient use of the areas manure and waste from farming, geothermal heat, wind, solar heat and photovoltaic
  • Creation of the world first intelligent, dynamic energy system in close cooperation with SE (Utility Company) and other stakeholders.

The solution is based on the areas own renewable energy sources and respects that the grid connects to the national/international grid. Smart and commercial viable solutions are the preconditions. Socio-economic analysis proves that the 2029 Masterplan implementation can be made profitable. As a positive side effect, Bright Green Business (the business creation aspect) will create growth and new jobs for society.

Already in 2015 carbon-emissions shall be reduced by 25%

Efficiency and effectiveness are driving the short term initiatives:

Efficiency: Smart use of energy in new house construction, energy retrofits of existing houses/buildings and energy efficiency improvements in companies production processes. Several programs has been implemented to support energy efficiency improvements.

Conversion to renewables: Massive use of district heating based on new green sources and replacement of old oil burners by heat pumps will alone reduce the carbon emissions by 12.5 % toward 2015.

Roadmap 2020

In 2014 ProjectZero launched its 2020 Roadmap for a 50% carbon reduction by 2020. The roadmap is based on 6 specific area initiatives: citizens, businesses, public sector, energy from renewables, Bio Economy and green Transportation. An English translation of the Roadmap2020 (Pixie) will be released soon.



The new climate solutions will demonstrate best/next practice and establish market dynamic for a growing Bright Green Business demand. Several (local) companies have achieved two digit growth figures on climate and energy technology/solutions.

ProjectZero achieved in spring 2010 the EU-commissions energy price award: Sustainable Energy Communities.

ProjectZero cooperated with WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) to develop a simple tool (indexes), to assist the world’s cities to implement sustainable solutions and create sustainable cities.

ProjectZero´s own company learning program, ZEROcompany, created together with the CDP Carbon Disclosure Project a special participation program for SME-companies, with the result that 40% of all Danish companies which had been registered in the CDP-database in 2009 had its base in Sonderborg.

Sonderborg became in 2011 a participant in the Clinton Climate Initiative´s Climate Positive Development Program. In this program ProjectZero share and receive important lessons learned with other CPDP partners and the C40 Cities-network. Learn more about the CPDP-project here: http://www.c40.org/networks/climate_positive_development

Sonderborg was in November 2013 a signing party at the EU China Urbanization conference in Beijing, where Sonderborg also presented its new cooperation with Haiyan County (China). The cooperation is focused on scaling the best practice from Sonderborg in Haiyan, starting with energy efficient building construction, green urban planning and the associated competencies.

Sonderborg demonstrates today some of the newest and most advanced energy solutions within intelligent heat pumps, fuel cells, ZERO+ house construction, intelligent roof-systems etc. You are invited to visit Sonderborg and be inspired by Sonderborgs green transition. You can also join Green Seminars learning seminars and create a green masterplan for your own city. Learn more about Green Seminars here: http://www.greenseminars.com/

Learn more about a Green Denmark and the Danish solutions here: http://stateofgreen.com/en

October 2014