Green District Heating

The world's best district heating

Denmark is rightly called the world champions of district heating and the Sonderborg-area could be named as one of the very best examples.

District Heating is the most economical, energy efficient and climate friendly solution in urban areas and the district heating companies of the Sonderborg-area are constantly working to expand their networks, employ energy efficiency measures and convert the supply to CO2-neutral energy sources. ProjectZero, Sonderborg Municipality, the district heating companies of the Sonderborg-area and industrial partners like Danfoss District Energy are working actively on establishing what could simply be called the world’s best district heating system.

From the earth’s core to the suns surface

Sonderborg District Heating has been constructing a state-of-the-art Geothermal facility that, in combination with massive absorption heat pumps and biomass burners, now supply more than 10.000 households, businesses and industrial customers in the center of Sonderborg. Coupled with thermal solar heating facilities, biomass burners, bio-oil furnaces and other sources the network will be expanded to supply approx. 60 % of households on the island of Als with green, CO2-neutral district heating .

Broager District Heating has been running a solar heating plant since late 2009. The plant has proven so successful that the company now is looking to expand their facilities and become 100 % based on renewable energy from solar and electric powered heat pumps.

Graasten District Heating has completed its construction of the world’s largest combined thermal solar heating and absorption heat pump plant, reducing their current CO2-emissions by more than 90 %. Plans are already made for expanding the new plant to cover a larger supply-area and fully replace fossil fuels in future CHP production in Graasten.

The long term plans are to link up the different district heating “islands” located at urban areas throughout Sonderborg Municipality into a large, intelligent, green district heating network supplying CO2-neutral heat and hot water at the best price to a large percentage of the areas citizens, businesses and industry.

October 2014

Underground pipes for district heating

Geothermal studies

Biomass burners