The coastal near wind turbine Park

The coastal near wind turbine Park

Future wind turbines seen from Lavensby

The green electricity will be the future driver of the whole energy system

The future energy system is driven by electricity. By 2050 approx. 70% of all energy use will be electrically powered. This change will challenge the whole energy system and we will need a number of new technologies and solutions to re-use existing electricity infrastructure when power consumption triples or more.
Electricity will be generated from multiple renewable sources, with wind energy as a dominant source.

Our ProjectZero 2029 Masterplan therefore includes the following: installation of several new onshore wind turbines and establishing an offshore large coastal-near wind turbine park at the north-east coast of the island of Als. The park will be placed in the middle of Lillebaelt on the Lillegrund location with a distance of app. 4 km to both shores.

A completed park will include 25 wind turbines with a capacity of 3-6 MW each. Total installed capacity will be 120 MW, equal to approx. a quarter of the estimated energy consumption in 2029. The area's carbon emissions will be reduced by 220.000 ton per year.

Local people and companies will own the turbine park
The coastal-near wind turbine project was initiated by local citizens and businesspeople in 2010. A pre-study of location and environmental impact has been carried out. The national energy authorities has issued a preliminary approval for the project development and the City Council of Sonderborg has in 2014 authorized the municipal SONFOR utility company to continue the planning process.

The ambition is to motivate citizens and businesses to invest in the wind turbine project. This will not only secure CO2-neutral electricity, but also continuous income for the investors.

October 2014