International Partnerships

International Partnerships

Through partnerships and by sharing GREEN SOLUTIONS, ProjectZero aims to establish a leading position for Denmark in CO2-neutral growth and sustainable cities. Therefore, we are seeking collaborations on new GREEN technologies, offshore wind turbines and climate-friendly projects.

Challenging the global Climate change requires new ways of cooperation at local level between politicians, citizens, businesses, teachers, universities etc; at national level between cities and government. Globally, the cities and their cooperation play an important role in exchanging the best practices and developing the next.

Sonderborg´s ProjectZero already have comprehensive cooperation within the Sonderborg-area where ProjectZero has become a lighthouse beacon. The cooperation is anchored in a Public Private Partnership with participation from Industry, municipality and energy companies. A comprehensive network of citizen, municipal and business participants secure a strong and robust local driving power.

Participating member of the Clinton Climate Positive Development Project

ProjectZero became in February 2012 a participating member of the Clinton Climate Positive Development Project and the number 16 project on President Clinton´s global list of ambitious Climate projects. The aim of the projects are to demonstrate outstanding “Climate Positive” performance for new build projects and conversion of existing communities and impact future thinking and standards for retrofitting cities like the C40-network of Cities. The Climate positive program is today an integrated part of the C40 Cities project. Learn more about the C40 Climate Positive Development Project here:

Friendship city cooperation with Chinese city of Baoding

WWF has helped ProjectZero to establish a strong cooperation with City of Baoding, China – China´s new valley for renewable energy technology. In October 2010 the mayors of Baoding and Sonderborg signed a cooperation agreement. This cooperation was in December 2011 transformed into a more robust Friendship city cooperation, with support from global businesses and universities from both cities.

NORD-star cooperation with leading Nordic Universities

In 2011 ProjectZero became the non-university partner of the NORDIC Excellence project in climate mitigation and adaptation. The project is headed by professor Mike Goodsite, Southern Denmark University. Learn more about NORD-star and its project portfolio on

Friendship city cooperation with Klimapakt Flensburg

Since 2007 ProjectZero have benchmarked initiatives with Klimapakt Flensburg. The two cities already have a close cooperation on many subjects as they together with Municipality of Aabenraa form the Boarder-triangle.

EU-China Urbanization partnership with Haiyan County in China

Sonderborg was in November 2013 a signing party at the EU China Urbanization conference in Beijing, where Sonderborg also presented its new cooperation with Haiyan County (China). The cooperation is focused on scaling the best practice from Sonderborg in Haiyan, starting with energy efficient building construction, green urban planning and the associated competencies.

October 2014

The city of Baoding