Learning and Innovation

Sonderborg has strong traditions for being in the forefront regarding learning, education & competencies. Not many cities of this size have same variety of educations and schools. In Sonderborg you can study from Kindergarten to PhD. Sonderborg also ranks among the highest populated areas in Denmark for university engineers.

Sonderborg in the past has used this learning and multi-institutional platform to keep industry/society in the forefront and expand its industries into new global business opportunities.

The same platform and traditions will be used for growing the Bright Green Business opportunities, starting in Kindergarten with nature and responsibility and securing the vocational training and university studies a close interaction with best practice demonstrated in the new green demonstration-projects all over the municipality.

October 2014

Vindturbine at the Dybbol School

A girl is having fun in the Universe park

EUC Syd - vocational training

Southern Denmark University - Campus Alsion

A cute little ZERO girl