European Sustainability Ambassadors

European Sustainability Ambassadors

How do we increase the focus on climate and sustainability in teaching & learning? How can children and youth be properly involved in the initiatives to combat climate challenge, and how can they carry and implement new inspiration and learning to their families? How can we create 15,000 young climate ambassadors in Sonderborg?

These questions were addressed in the EU project focused on creating European Sustainability Ambassadors (ESA). Participants from 4 European cities/regions participated and created together new learning principles in sustainability.

The objective of the project was to develop effective methods for involving all local community stakeholders in achieving the EU Climate Targets 20-20-20. Enthusiasm and knowledge of teachers and students being the main drivers.

The learning dimension of the project was very important to the partners for supporting future growth and development of the local areas. As an example, the Municipality of Sonderborg together with ProjectZero, Danfoss Universe and other local partners have established the House of Science as a joint project to integrate climate, innovation and sustainability into science teaching and create a green link between all learning levels, secure sustainability in learning and mindset and impact society.

The House of Science partnership has implemented the results from the ESA sub-project using both level one (teachers) and level two (student) ambassadors for impacting society (level three).

The Municipality of Sonderborg and its House of Science secretariat in Denmark was lead participant of the ESA sub-project. The other partners were the Agency for Energy and Sustainability in Modena (Italy), The Technical School Centre of Kranj (Slovenia) and the Regional Energy Agency in Asturias (Spain).

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March 2014