House of Science

Sonderborg´s House of Science learning project

Sonderborg has strong traditions for being in the forefront regarding learning, education & competencies. Not many cities of same size have same variety of educations and schools. In Sonderborg you can study from Kindergarten to PhD. Sonderborg also ranks among the highest populated areas in Denmark for (university) engineers.

To stay in the forefront with high qualified engineers and scientists, the House of Science project was created in 2008 by Sonderborg Municipality, ProjectZero, (Danfoss) Universe and the four local high schools/colleges: AGS, Business College Syd, EUC Syd, Statsskolen. Now the list of participating partners also include SONFOR (utility company), VUC (high school) and Jet-Net (national cooperation for industry/schools).

Science teachers in the Municipality´s 17 schools have been introduced to modern and GREEN science and new learning methods. High-school students have become science coaches/ teachers for school kids. Nature awareness and energy saving concepts have been implemented in Kindergartens. High school kids learn about energy and business in local companies.

Climate, Innovation and Sustainability as science learning drivers

House of Science has since its start had an increasing focus Climate, Innovation and Sustainability in order to secure a bigger impact and harvest synergies with other ProjectZero participation programs. The ambition is now to create a strong green line from KG to PhD.

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October 2014