Universe - an important ProjectZero learning playground

Universe is an important ProjectZero partner. The Universe EnergyLab and the joint House of Science cooperation are both important initiatives, where the ProjectZero vision works hand in hand with values and competencies of Universe.

Universe has developed strong competencies in new effective ways of learning science – in the park, at the backstage and train-the-trainer program.

Learn more about Universe on http://universe.dk/en/plan-your-visit/.

The Universe Park

Universe is an amusement park with exiting technology and learning activities where the whole family can have fun while they discover the amazing world of science.

An old dream came true

It was an old dream that came true when Jorgen Mads Clausen opened the science experience park “Danfoss Universe” in 2005. Already in the mid90s, the president of Danfoss got the idea to create a park with focus on science and technology, and at the EXPO exhibition in Hannover in 2000, he bought Iceland´s Blue Cube, which has since become one of the park's landmarks.

Together with his wife Anette Clausen, he has thus been the driving force in creating the experience park, which is funded by the Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation.

Play your way to knowledge of science

Universe is a hands-on science theme park where both children and adults can play their way to knowledge of science. Here they can romp from one exiting experiment into another and playfully experience the phenomenon of nature. For example a geyser that leaps 18 meters into the air, they can drive slalom on the two-wheeled vehicles and learn more about human intelligence.

In the park's spectacular exhibition building, Cumulus, they can play with digital technology in a fun and different way, be a part of a computer game and create their their own cartoons.

At the EnergyLab the visitors can experience different energies and try the Segway track which is equipped with many challenges, so they can experience their body and the technology in new ways.

At Universe, the whole family can get smarter on the forces of nature and the wondrous amazing world of science and technology, that make our everyday life more enjoyable.

October 2014