ECO-Forum Global 2012 Conference in Guiyang, China

ProjectZero and Danfoss China were both represented at the ECO-Forum Global 2012 Conference in Guiyang in China and the Danish messages were broadcasted live on the national TV.

Mr. ZHANG Xinsheng, Chairman of ECO-Forum Global is reporting the conference conclusions

This annual major Chinese Conference for Sustainable Urban Development was hosted on 27th - 29th July in the Chinese 5- million-metropolis, Guiyang, beautifully located at an altitude of 1500m in the Southern Himalayas.

The city of Guiyang aims to become a role-model for the Chinese Eco-cities (sustainable cities) and was therefore a perfect host city for this annual ECO-Forum Global Conference, which attracted almost 1,500 participants from all over China and a number of speakers from the rest of the world.

The 3 strenuous days with a tightly packed agenda comprised many panel expert presentations and a great number of discussions such as sustainable development of the cities, ECO-education and teaching, ECO-entrepreneurship, the role of youth in the climate change etc.

The outcome of the Chinese participation in Rio+20 was also thoroughly debated at the Conference followed by a direct TV broadcast about MEGAcities & Smartcities and the challenges attached to sustainable development.
The CEO of ProjectZero, Peter Rathje, has got a role of an external expert during a one-and–a-half hour-long direct TV broadcast, which has been seen by about 200 Million Chinese peole.

Please find the direct TV broadcast from ECO-Forum Global here

The Conference received also a major coverage by the local and the regional Press of Guiyang via the daily news reports on TV as well as in newspapers. And the interviews, given by Alfred Che (Danfoss China) and Peter Rathje,were focused on conveying Danish solutions and experiences.

ProjectZero and Danfoss China were invited at the Conference as speakers. The invitation to attend the ECO-Forum came right after the delegation visit of the Mayor of Sonderborg Aase Nyegaard in April 2012, where the delegation met the Chairman of the Conference Mr. Zhang Xinsheng, who is also the former Chinese Vice – Minister of Education.

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1. July 2012

Alfred Che, Communications Director at Danfoss China is being interviewed by the regional TV-station

The sorting of waste is necessary for a sustainable city

Urban densification - they build high and close in Guiyang