ProjectZero Down Under at C40-Conference

March 2012 the Clinton Climate Positive Initiative Conference took place in Melbourne in Australia.

The CPDP cities (Climate Positive Development Projects) met to discuss the best practice solutions from the 16 Climate Positive projects, to which ProjectZero now belongs. Subsequently, the CPDP–project-cities have met with so-called C40 cities that represent a climate and sustainability network for the 40 biggest cities. This initiative was started by the former President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton in partnership with the Mayor of New York, Michael R. Bloomberg.

The cities grow and more than half of the world´s population lives already in the cities. The C40 Conference showed that despite the global financial crises there is still a great focus on creating sustainable cities that will also generate growth in related businesses.

The experiences with energy efficiencies in Sonderborg, the shift to a green energy supply and involvement of citizens and businesses attracted a lot of attention world-wide.

The Melbourne´s own project – Victoria Harbor Project- was presented as a role model for sustainable harbor-cities at the conference. In the course of 10 years this project aims to build a 200,000 m2 harbor front with 2,700 apartments and 360,000 m2 offices for a total of DKK 30 million. The construction must be based on the future–oriented energy approach in order to accomplish the Clinton Climate Positive Initiative.


18. March 2012

Victoria Harbour Waterfront masterplan

Victoria Harbour