ProjectZero is a NORD-STAR partner promoted in Poland

2. September 2011 NORD-STAR partner ProjectZero did a presentation at the Polish energy conference "Energy Autonomy" in Wroclaw. ProjectZero received a lot of positive interest during the conference although Poland’s primary source of energy is coal and the Polish head of government Donald Tusk continuously points to Polish coal as the preferred source of energy – even though this goes directly against EU’s goals and milestones for Poland.

The Wroclaw region in the south-western Poland is generally characterised by a greater amount of openness and entrepreneurship than the rest of Poland. 120 people from municipalities and local companies had decided to participate in the conference to hear good examples of how climate-wise decisions fit together with the creation of green jobs.

Ambitious solutions to climate challenge in Denmark

The conference was arranged by the organisation Free Enterprises in collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Warsaw. The Danish Embassy is very active in promoting Danish solutions and Danish technology and counselor of embassy Erik Rasmussen told the Polish participants that Denmark is aiming at becoming a fossil-free country by 2050. Erik Rasmussen furthermore underlined that Denmark has been a pioneering country when it comes to sustainable energy ever since the oil crisis in the 1970s and that the Danish companies have both solutions and technology which can help resolve the world’s climate challenges, e.g. in relation to district heating, energy-efficient building and renovation, wind mills, biogas and waste management. Moreover, Erik Rasmussen mentioned that Danish cities, including Sønderborg, where NORD-STAR partner ProjectZero is based, have ambitious plans for handling the climate challenge.

ProjectZero – a popular attraction during the conference

The messages of ProjectZero and its best practices received a lot of positive attention throughout the conference and its green badges "I’m a BIG ZERO" were very popular as well.

Green rivalry among European countries

The conference revealed an increasing rivalry between countries which offer green solutions and technology, and both Sweden, Germany and Austria were able to present green solutions which create both CO2 reductions and green jobs. Most outstanding was the Austrian town Güssen (4,000 inhabitants), where the mayor Peter Vadash explained how he has created a green village with great appeal to new companies and 15,000 ECO-tourists per year. Sweden furthermore focuses on the Polish market and its 39 million inhabitants and is thus conducting aggressive marketing of green Swedish solutions e.g. in relation to waste management in Poland. Judging from the conference it is clear that the interest and foundation for a GREEN POLAND is certainly there, but EU needs to convince the Polish head of government as well.


22. September 2011