Sonderborg’s ProjectZero chosen: Joins 15 city-projects within Clinton Climate Positive Development Program

Sonderborg’s ProjectZero has been accepted to join the global C40-Climate Positive Development Program in partnership with the The Clinton Climate Initiative. Thereby becoming part of a global network of the worlds most ambitious climate projects, which includes programs in London, Sydney, Melbourne and Stockholm.

The network will work to create climate-positive city-wide solutions proving that it is possible to simultaneously create growth and reduce CO2. The solutions are set to inspire the cities of the world to reach for - and achieve sustainable results.

"Joining the Clinton program will be a huge boost for many companies in Southern Denmark. It means that all the businesses working with energy efficiency in ProjectZero can reach new customers and generate larger revenue because of the global springboard to the world’s largest cities. The wheels will be turning faster", predicts Peter M. Clausen, president of the ProjectZero Foundation. "By joining the Climate Positive Development Program, ProjectZero becomes a part of a global development network of equal partners from both the public and private sectors".

"Sonderborg’s ProjectZero venture has both the necessary ressources, commitment and stakeholder support to achieve their goals, and to become a role model in creating new paths to excellence and sustainable city development", says Zach Tofias, Director of the Climate Positive Development Program (C40/CCI).

Being chosen to join this exclusive network has brought Sonderborg into the spotlight within the Danish government.
Denmark’s Business and Growth Minister, Ole Sohn says, ‘’It is very impressive for Sonderborg’s ProjectZero to become one of the 16 city projects in The Clinton Climate Positive Development Program. This is a good example demonstrating that sustainable development and growth can co-exist, and that public and private collaboration is essential if we are to find the solutions for the challenges facing us in the future. I’m looking forward to following ProjectZero throughout the coming years’’.

The Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Buildings, Martin Lidegaard, says about the acceptance in the Clinton Program:
"Sonderborg is a front-runner in the conversion process that we all must engage in withinin the coming years. Sonderborg has shown us with ProjectZero that it really is possible to save energy, convert to renewable energy sources and create growth simultaneously. It is a well-deserved recognition for Sonderborg to participate in Clinton’s Climate Positive Development Program".

Through energy efficiency and conversion to green energy the goal in Sonderborg is to reduce the region’s CO2 emissions to zero by 2029. This will create new green jobs both within manufacturing and the service sector.

"To us in Sonderborg municipality, the acceptance on the Clinton-program is an international breakthrough. We are happy that being a part of the initiative will also create more jobs and generate turnover for companies within the climate sector. We want the region to grow - especially in green jobs. I believe that new green job creation will be a positive side effect of working with the Clinton Foundation", says Aase Nygaard, the Mayor of Sonderborg.

SE Company, formerly known as Syd Energi is a partner within ProjectZero. Together with Danish solution partners, SE BIG Blue is a leading player both nationally and internationally. Niels Duedahl, CEO for SE, is excited about the news.
"We have invested a lot in Sonderborg and now we can reap the benefits and share them with the rest of the world", beams Duedahl.

1. March 2012

Climate Positive Development Program

The Climate Positive Development Program (CPDP) aims to create a model for large-scale urban communities that reduce greenhouse gasses and serve as urban laboratories for cities seeking to grow in ways that are environmentally sustainable and economically viable.

The Climate Positive Development Program is an initiative of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40), in partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI). Climate Positive Development projects serve as important urban laboratories for C40-CCI, showing what is possible, identifying critical collaborations between developers and their city government counterparts, and creating a case for holistic planning and development that both improves the local environment, creates jobs, and improves local quality of life.

These projects further demonstrate the potential for broader adoption in all C40 cities of innovative policies, financial models, and technology solutions. CPDP supports the development of large-scale urban projects seeking to meet a "climate positive" emissions target of net-negative operational Greenhouse gases (GHG). Along with the other founding projects, ProjectZero will demonstrate Climate Positive strategies, setting a compelling environmental and economic example for cities to follow. When the initial projects are completed, more than one million people will live and work in Climate Positive communities in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Palhoça and São Paulo, Brazil; Toronto and Victoria, Canada; Ahmedabad and Jaipur, India; outside Panama City, Panama; Pretoria, South Africa; Seoul, South Korea; Stockholm, Sweden; Sonderborg, Denmark; London, U.K.; and San Francisco, and Oberlin, Ohio in the United States.


C40 is a network of large and engaged cities from around the world committed to implementing meaningful and sustainable climate-related policies and programs locally that will help address climate change globally. C40 works in an aligned partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) Cities program, which was started by the William J. Clinton Foundation.

CCI Cities became the delivery partner of C40 in 2006. The closer alliance between the two organizations announced in the spring of 2011, brings significant resources and infrastructure that will enhance and accelerate their historic activities and positions the combined effort as one of the preeminent climate action organizations in the world.

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