100% Climate Neutrality Conference

Learn about the climate challenges and its solutions when the climate conference is being held in October. The speakers at 100% Climate Conference will amongst others be former EU-commissioner, Connie Hedegaard. - Put your own mark on COP21

The 100% Climate Neutrality Conference will shed light on both the scientific as well as the business aspects of the climate challenge.

Meet leading scientists and listen to their take on the challenges and possible solutions.
Read more about the program on the website www.climateneutral.eu

Or click HERE to see the program

Behind the conference is SDU, Uni Flensburg, ProjectZero, Klimapakt Flensburg and Clean, which all have strong interests and stated commitments to solving the climate challenge.

For more information contact

Katharina Rubahn, SDU / Alsion

Phone +45 65 50 12 24 or email kru@tek.sdu.dk


14. September 2015

To register

To register for the 100% Climate Neutrality Conference. please contact Katharina Rubahn at email kru@tek.sdu.dk