Sonderborg and Haiyan show the way

The ZERO-house concept, engineered in Sonderborg is a new rolemodel for Chinese cities aiming at ZEROcarbon transition. The ZEROhouse in Haiyan is sustainable and produces more energy than it consumes.

China faces serious challenges of limited space in the cities, as well as struggles to lower their energy consumption. However, it seems that Sonderborg might have found the solution to the problem.

Sonderborg Municipality´s so called ProjectZero vision aims at making the Sonderborg area CO2-neutral by 2029.

- A small city in Denmark, Sonderborg, and Haiyan has developed a concept for Zero Carbon Buildings. These are now spreading across China. (…) We have listened to you. “– Stated the President for the EU Commission, Jean Claude Juncker at the EU-China conference on the Chinese urbanization in Brussels the 29th of June, 2015.

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The recognition from the EU Commission’s President emphasizes the value of the well-composed concept that attracts attention around the world.

At this moment, Consult Engineer Torben Esbensen is finishing the plans of a brand new, sustainable, urban area in Haiyan.

-We look at how the houses should be build, as well as at the future supply of energy in the district. We look at the water supply, the waste management and the traffic, says Consult Engineer Torben Esbensen.

A beginning of something bigger

Torben Esbensen has recently sent the first draft to Haiyan in China, and if everything runs according to plan, the project will be ready to start within the next two months.

Although this is big by itself, Sonderborg hopes that the six square kilometer urban area can lead to an even larger export adventure for Southern Denmark. 

Haiyan is also planning to build a 12 square kilometer new, sustainable city district – aimed to function as a demonstration city for the entire China.

-If the first project becomes a success, we hope to be involved in the next project as well, says Torben Esbensen.

Potential growth for other Danish companies

In 2013, EU and China entered into a Partnership Agreement on Sustainable Urban Development. In 2013, on November 21st at the Urbanization Conference in Beijing in China, the agreement resulted in 12 concrete collaborations between Chinese and European cities. One of these collaboration agreements is between Sonderborg Municipality and Haiyan County in China. Danish Energy Management & Esbensen cooperate with Sonderborg Municipality and has provided products and services in the first phase of the cooperation that includes a Zero Carbon Building, a new sustainable urban area and education.

In case that Sonderborg is chosen for the next project in Haiyan, there is a solid base for an export adventure, says Poul Valdemar Jensen, leader of the partnership between Sonderborg and the Chinese city Haiyan.

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- Sonderborg contributes to open the door to Haiyan, and to create a platform for Danish companies. If we are considered for the next project, it gives great opportunities for Danish companies to supply services and products, says Poul Valdemar Nielsen.  

He points towards the fact that China is in the middle of a big transition. Today, 50 percent of the Chinese population live in the cities, but this number is expected to rise to 80 percent in 2030.

- This means that China will build a "new Germany" every sixth year. And in Sonderborg and Denmark we can use this to create potential growth, says Poul Valdemar Nielsen.

Source: Energy Management & Esbensen



13. August 2015

Collaboration between Sønderborg and Haiyan

In 2013 the EU and China went into a Partnership for sustainable urban development. At the EU-China urbanization conference in Beijing, China November 21, 2013, the agreement was translated into 12 concrete collaberations between Chinese and European cities. Only one of the 12 agreements has a Danish touch the Cooperation Agreement between Sonderborg and Haiyan.

Sonderborg has through their collaboration with Haiyan created a platform for Danish companies in the green tech field and directors of the largest Chinese banks pledged at the conference that there is capital to the cities who want to lead in the development of sustainable cities. Cooperation between Sonderborg and Haiyan include a passive house, a new sustainable community and education. Danfoss, Grundfoss, Rockwool, Velux, Signal architects and Esbensen Consulting Engineers has been providing products and services in the first phase of cooperation.

Poul Valdemar Nielsen together with Wang Jian, the Chinese leader of cooperation with Sønderborg and deputy mayor in Haiyan.