The Municipality of Sonderborg has reduced its own carbon emissions by 50%


The area of Sonderborg aim at a ZEROcarbon-footprint by 2029 at the latest. The milestone goals are 25% reduction by 2015 and 50% reduction by 2020. The municipality of Sonderborg calculates its own CO2-reductions energy every year. The result for 2015 shows that as a company, the municipality of Sonderborg has reduced its carbon emission by no less than 50% in comparison with its baseline-emissions in 2007.

Proud to be a role model for ProjectZero

Mr. Frode Sørensen, Chairman of the city council Commission for Technical and Environment, is proud of the result and the municipality´s role as a role model for Sonderborg´s ProjectZero.

The municipality of Sonderborg is a core partner of ProjectZero. Because of this, it is very satisfactory, that we have reached the milestone of a 50% reduction in carbon emission five years ahead of schedule. The great result is in partly due to the conversion to green energy supply, but also due to targeted investments in energy efficiency in municipal buildings, Frode Sørensen says.

Focus and investments have created the result

The conversion of energy production is primarily achieved through greener electricity and greener district heating. The energy consumption in municipal buildings is responsible for ¾ of carbon emission, which is why focus has been on this area, and in the years of 2009-2016, 164 million DKK have been invested in energy optimisation and installing solar panels on municipal buildings. Besides that, street lighting has been converted to LED lighting. The street lighting project was completed during summer 2016.

Carbon emission reductions for the entire Sonderborg area accounts for 35%

It is important to stress that, the 50% reduction is regarding the carbon emission of the entire Sonderborg area – but “only” the municipal own activity as a company, deriving from energy consumption of municipal buildings, street lighting, and municipal transportation. The overall carbon emission from the entire Sonderborg area, including emissions from private residences, companies, transportation etc. was reduced by 35% during 2007 - 2015.

Further information can be achieved from climate coordinator Lene Sternsdorf, tel. +45 2790 6636.


Frode Sørensen

LED street lights

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