A minor setback on the way to further CO2-reductions

A minor setback on the way to further CO2-reductions

Despite energy efficiency and solar panels a CO2-factor leads to an increase in CO2-emissions for Sonderborg municipality. New initiatives in 2017 are to further reduce CO2-emissions.

By Nicolas Bernhardi. Translated by Brian Egering.


Sondeborg municipality as a company is an important role model and frontrunner in the ProjectZero vision, which is why the city council in 2008 decided that an annual CO2 and energy report was to be made. The report for 2016 has just been published and shows that Sonderborg municipality as a company has reduced its CO2-emissins by 47% compared to 2007. In 2015 the reduction was already at 50%. The increase in CO2-emissions can be explained by 2016 being a year with low amounts of wind power, which leads to a larger CO2-strain of the energy consumption.

On the path of obtaining goals

Sonderborg municipality as a company has in 9 years worked on bringing down the energy consumption and ridding society of fossil fuel. Switching streetlights to LED, converting from natural gas and oil to district heating in municipality buildings, establishing solar panels on schools and kindergartens are just some of the initiatives that lead to CO2-reductions in Sonderborg municipality.

The development in CO2-emissions in Sonderborg municipality

The green transition, not only, supports district-heating plants, but also greener energy production in the CO2-reductions of the entire country.

 “The green transition has this time experienced a bump in the road due to 2016 being a wind with a lack of windpower. This resulted in more coal being used for power production” mentioned by Sonderborg municipality in their CO2-calculation and energy calculation for Sondeborg municipality as a company.

“We are, of course, not pleased with the increase In CO2-emissions, men the energy consumption in the municipality as a company has decreased a bit since 2015 and the energy production for buildings and streetlights has decreased by 26% compared to 2007. So the result of energy optimizing projects, phasing out natural gas along with the installation of solar panels and LED streetlights have all resulted in a good result” Program leader for the lateral Climate and Zero program in Sonderborg municipality, Lene Sternsdorf says.

More initiatives are to secure progress in reductions in 2017

 New bio busses, further phasing out of natural gas and an ongoing conversion to LED of streetlights are to secure further reductions in 2017.






16. December 2017

Distribution of CO2-emissions in 2016

Sonderborg municipality as a company

CO2-emissions from Sonderborg municipality as a company tie to CO2-emissions that originate from the buildings of the municipality (schools, administration buildings etc.) streetlights and transpiration (owned and leased vehicles).

Sonderborg municipality has chosen that the energy and CO2-accounting is to include the consumption in actual building mass in a certain year. This means that buildings that are no longer included in the portfolio are a part of the accounting with consumption data for the period where Sonderborg municipality has been paying for the energy bill.