Biogas is to reduce CO2-emissions by 100,000 tons

Biogas is to reduce CO2-emissions by 100,000 tons

NGF Nature Energy has made and agreement with BioenergiSyd about setting up two biogas plants in Sonderborg with a totalt investment of 500 million Danish kroner.

By Peter Rathje, translated by Brian Egering

With the ambition of reducing the CO2-emissions of Sonderborg by 100,000 while, simultaneously, creating new green jobs,  BioenergiSyd has, together, with NGF Nature Energy made an agreement. The partnership is to secure the delivery of agricultural usage of fertilizer and more for the two large biogas plants.

NGF is already delivering biogas for the new biobusses of Sonderborg

NGF Nature Energy is the Denmark’s biggest producer of green energy along with being the distributor of Sonderborg’s 44 new biobusses. Peter Gaemelke (chairman) and Ole Hvelplund (CEO) stressed at the meeting that the plants would become a reality if enough farmers were willing to be a part of the project. NGF Nature Energy is currently running four large-scale plants in Denmark and is building another three.

Jens Lai, farmer at Sundeved located in the northern part of Als is happy about the project. Jens Lai has during the years been actively involved in creating the foundation for the two plants, along with ensuring agricultural participation in the project.

“The two plants ensure more homogeneous mix of fertilizer from pigs and cattle, along with the local farmers getting a more phosphor customized product in return for the fields. In other words, the two new plants will create a win-win situation for agriculture in the area”. Jens Lai says to ZEROnews.

Andreas Bonde, chairman at BioenergiSyd, is also happy with the agreement, which with a western plant ensures, that the majority of BioenergiSyd’s members can be a part of the project. 

5. September 2017