Danfoss reduces its CO2-emisions by 45 percent

Danfoss reduces its CO2-emisions by 45 percent

Danfoss has managed to bring down its CO2 emissions by 45 percent on the factories located in Nordborg and Graasten. The factory is, therefor, very qualified to contribute its part of the ProjectZero-vision about turning Sonderborg municipality into a CO2 neutral area by 2029.

The original article in Danish is written by Danfoss communication department. Translated by Brian Egering.


Since ProjectZero was established in 2007, Danfoss has reduced its co2-emissions from facilities in the headquarters in Nordborg including Graasten with 26,000 tons CO2. In addition it also means that Danfoss is one step closer to achieving its climate goal for 2030: To reduce the energy consumption per krone of revenue by 50 percent, and, furthermore, to reduce the co2-emisisons in the energy consumed by 50 percent.

With a CO2-reduction of 45 percent it makes Danfoss, which is one of the largest companies in the border region, one of the frontrunners in ProjectZero, which has managed to bring down Sonderborg’s total CO2 emissions by 35 percent since 2007.

Danfoss is with us – all the way to the goal of 2029

Flemming Lynge Nielsen, sustainability Director at Danfoss explains that the company, already, in 2007, where ProjectZer started, pledged itself to achieve the goal of CO2 neutrality in Sonderborg municipality by 2029. Furthermore, he explains the road to achieving this goal.

“Up to and including 2020, we’ll focus strongly and reducing the amount of energy we us. This will be done by getting as far as possible with doing what we’re specialized in. From 2020 and on, we’ll focus o reducing our CO2 emissions from the energy that we use. Buying green energy could be one of our methods to achieve the goal. We wish to solve our part of the task in the ProjectZero-vision”, Flemming Lynge Nielsen, explains. 

Danfoss inspires other companies to partake  

Projectzero’s Peter Rathje is happy about the result of Danfoss and its commitment to Sonderborg’s way to becoming CO2-neutral in 2029. –“It’s crucial for the realization of ProjectZero’s vision, that Danfoss plays a major role in pursuing the goal and inspiring others”, says Peter Rathje.


A major reason for the reduction in CO2 in the Danfoss factory in Graasten is that green district heating has been used instead of biogas for heating. The industry park in Nordborg is also expected to utilize green heating.


Danfoss headquarters has, however, already made great results when it comes to decreasing the energy consumption and thereby its CO2 emissions. In the last 4 years the CO2-emissions from the industry park has been reduced by 50 percent, and during this period the heating bill has been decreased by 25 million kroner. This happened by focusing on energy efficiency and conversion to green excess heating. The heating from the factory is regained, which mans that almost 20 percent of the heat consumption on Danfoss in Norborg is covered by the factories own excess heat.

The great results from 2016 continue this year. The heat consumption in the Nordborg and Graasten factories fell by 18 percent in the first quarter of 2017 compared the same quarter in 2016.

Danfoss climate strategy 

In 2015 Danfoss launched its global “climate strategy 2030”. The main goal of this plan is to reduce the company’s energy-intensity and CO2-intensity by 50 percent before 2030. This is to happen through global energy saving projects, change in behavior and green energy sources. The recently launched projects are to reduce the energy consumption by 30 percent on the 27 biggest Danfoss factories around the globe during the next couple of years.

On a global scale Danfoss danfoss has managed to decrease its total energy consumption, while increasing its revenue. Danfoss consumes 40 percent less energy for every krone of revenue today compared to 2007.

Outside the headquarters in Nordborg, Danfoss has set up a solar panel park that produces 2 MW energy, the equivalent of the annual consumption of approximately 400 family homes. 


23. August 2017