Large PV-park under construction in Glansager

Large PV-park under construction in Glansager

Better energy is establishing a major PV-park in Glansager, which is to deliver green electricity to 6000 households. The new PV-park more than doubles the PV-capacity of the area. The Sonderborg company AT Solar is responsible for setting up and growth of green jobs in Sonderborg.

By Peter Rathje. Translated by Brian Egering. 

The company Better Energy A/S is during fall 2018 establishing a 35-hectare ground based PV-plant in Glansager. The PV-plant will consist of 72,160 PV-modules with a total production of around 22 MW, accounting for around 6000 families’ annual energy consumption. 

 With the new plant the PV-capacity of the Sonderborg-area, will more than double. The current capacity is approximately 19 MW and consists of roof based systems on single family homes, housing associations, schools and companies along with ground based plants at Danfoss, Linak, Danbo and the local farmers. 

The Sun shines on AT Solar

At AT Solar in Sonderborg, which is a part of the Better Energy group, the project is well received.

“AT Solar is going through a rapid development. We have many big projects in countries like Denmark, Poland and Ukraine and we expect even more. The plant in Sonderborg is currently the largest, and will make up an important demonstrationplant when we are to demonstrate our competences to our international customers”. Says Nicolai Faaborg Andreasen who in 2011 established AT Solar together with Lars Skadhauge Thomsen. Both Nicolai and Lars have been employed by Linak in the past. The establishment of the first Solar park of Linak gave them the inspiration to start their own company. 

AT Solar has just moved into a location where there is room for many new project leaders, electricians etc who are to install and drive many of the new European PV-parks

Sonderborg municipality is supportive

Aase Nyegaard, chairman for tech and enviromental council is happy with the decision to establish the plant in Sonderborg. 

“The energy society of the future is run by green energy. With the new PV-park in Glansager Better Energy ramps up the production of green energy and thereby the ProjectZero-vision of Sonderborg. It makes me happy that the project, at the same time, serves as a demonstation project for AT solar, which strengthens the foundation and growth of new green jobs in Sonderborg”, says Aase Nyegaard who also hopes that the plan process will find more locations in the local area for new PV-parks. 

The 28th a june a meeting was helt for neighbors to the coming PV-park. The 28th a june a meeting was helt for neighbors to the coming PV-park. 

The first deliveries for the PV-park have already begun. During the next couple of months 72160 solar panels are to be setup on pillars of a maximal height of 3 meters. The plant will be facing south and they are to be setup in a straight manner with parallel rows. The Solar plant consists of solar panels on piloted stands that are fastened in the ground with a depth of around 1,5-5 meters under terrain. Apart from that the plant consists of electric cables faces invert where the produced direct current converts to alternating current along with transformers.

The plant is expected to be connected before 2019 and will thereby contribute to the CO2 calculation from 2019, where it is expected that it will reduce the CO-emissions of the area with up to 10000 ton CO2 annually within the next 25 years.

20. August 2018