ProjectZero of Sonderborg receives the Svend Auken award

ProjectZero of Sonderborg receives the Svend Auken award

The Svend Auken award that, since 2009, has been awarded at the congress of the social democrats was yesterday given to ProjectZero of Sonderborg, which is a local private/public, owned partnership focused on turning Sonderborg into a CO2-neutral area by 2029. The vision has been formulated by the think tank Futura syd and started in 2007 with support from the Danfoss fund, Syd Energi, Sonderborg municipality, the Nordea fund and Dong Energy.   

Based on the press release of the social democrats. Translated by Brian Egering.

Local initiatives and ownership

Jens Joel, the Climate and energy spokesman of the social democrats, who, during the congress, gave out the price, stresses the importance of local initiative and ownership:

“While our government has been too busy cutting down on everything between climate goals and energy research, there are, luckily, many municipalities and companies in our country that insist on the green transition”.

“ProjectZero shows the way for many other local collaborations and brings the knowledge and willpower that are crucial to maintain Denmark’s leading position” Jens Joel continues. He stresses that the green element has become a vital part of the industrial policy and that is has to remain that way. In the future

“The local initiatives receive great support, but the great commitment from companies testify that green solutions are an attractive export product that ensures jobs in the industry sector in all parts of the country”.

Sonderborg is happy with the award

Sonderborg is happy with the award and praise the visions of thoughts of Svend Auken:

“We, in the Sonderborg area are very proud to receive the Svend Auken price in the year of ProjectZero’s 10th anniversary. A price that underlines the fact that cities through local collaboration can demonstrate leadership and create a green transition”, Peter Rathje, CEO of ProjectZero says. “The price challenges, motivates and inspires us to up the effort to boost the green transition of Sonderborg” he continues.

“Svend Auken was convinced that it would pay off to invest in technology that could produce sustainable energy instead of “black energy”. Today we have a large and growing export of intelligent solutions to the entire world and the green transition creates jobs and growth – also in Sonderborg. Thereby, the visions of Svend Auken should inspire and give food for thought for any mayor, politician and minister to act in the name of the climate and Svend Auken” says Peter Rathje.






12. October 2017

Svend Auken

Svend Auken was mostly known for being the leader of the social democrats in Denmark from 1987 to 1992. He was also minister of employment from 1977 to 1982. He was acknowledged as one of the most gifted politicians of his time and is sometimes referred to as “the best prime minster Denmark never had”. He passed away in 2009.