Roadmap2025 has been approved

Roadmap2025 has been approved

The City council has approved Sonderborg’s new Roadmap2025, which is to show the way to a 75% CO2-reduction by 2025. 

By ProjectZero


The plan has been developed in close cooperation between the more than a hundred, local and national experts, and serves as a solid foundation for growth and job creation, the involvement of the youth, Sonderborg’s Unesco Learning City journey with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, digitalization and Smartcity- development. 

The city, thereby, continues its journey towards a CO2-neutral Sonderborg area in 2029. Since the beginning of 2007, the demand for action has been increasing. Climate challenges become more and more visible, and the transition has to happen more rapidly if cities around the world are to live up to the climate agreement made in Paris in 2015. The cities play and important role, and Sonderborg will play a leading role and spearhead the work ahead. 

Roadmap 2025 is, still, based on energy efficiency of houses and companies along with a significant upregulating of the areas transition of sustainable energy from wind, sun and biomass. 

The result of a commonly coordinated effort

CEO Peter Rathje and ProjectZero are happy with the new roadmap, and appreciate the many participants of the project, who make up major stakeholders in realizing the plan. 

”The roadmap is completed and it exceeds our expectations. The framework for the coming years, ambitious plans have been established by the, more than a hundred, participants. The methods as well as the results, are very interesting to other cities. However, the plan is, first of all, to be implemented in the Sonderborg area for all citizens, regardless of age, as well as, for local companies”, says Peter Rathje. 

The city council approved on the 19th of december 2018 the new Roadmap2025. It was also the city council, that medio april initiated the Roadmap2025 process, that involved more than a hundred local and national experts that focus on eight areas of action.

Approved as a complete framework 

The city council has approved Roadmap2025 as a complete framework to realizing the ProjectZero-visions zero carbon in 2019. Over the next couple of years, the projects are to be launched, based on partnership, co-creation and funding etc.

The eight areas include owner-occupied housing, general housing, private rental, private transportation, heavy transportation and energy production. A total of 52 projects are described, that support the ongoing initiatives within energy renovation, green transportation, citizen involvement, electrification, phasing in of sustainable energy production etc.

ProjectZero’s participation in the EU-projects REFURB, SmartEnCity, Happy and Act Now, have together with the experiences from CITIES (DTU & AAU) created a solid foundation for the downsizing of existing projects and the common development of the new Roadmap2025-projects. 

8 working groups have developed the new timetable

The projects have been developed and described by the 8 working groups that have had participation from both private companies, the municipality, education and research, energy and system experts etc. The results of the 8 working groups have been calculated in cooperation with PlanEnergi, Aalborg University and EA Energy analysis, among others. 

The experiences gained in Sonderborg’s Roadmap2025-process will be applied by other European cities as a tool and inspiration, when they, in the years to come, put high emphasis on the climate transition. This is, especially, relevant for the 42 cities that participate in SmartEnCity Network and the danish




28. January 2019