Sonderborg among the top three cities in Denmark regarding green jobs

Sonderborg among the top three cities in Denmark regarding green jobs

16% of all jobs in Sonderborg are in line with with the energy agency’s new calculation of energy, and the rate of green employment is rapidly increasing. Sonderborg is among the five cities in Denmark with the greenest growth creation. 

By ProjectZero. Translated by Brian Egering

The Energy agency has with support from Damvad Analytics developed a report of the employment in the energy sector in 2014-2016. The statistics cover both the employment by the energy supply, production by energy technicians along with energy service as an example of energy consulting. With these limitations the numbers show that there in 2016 were approximately 73,400 employed in the energy field. That is around 1800 more people in fulltime jobs compared to 2014. More than half of the people working in the energy business are working in industry, while the second largest sector is energy supply. 

The number of people working in the energy sector makes up for approximately 3 percent of the entire fulltime workforce in Denmark. This number has gone unchanged from 2014 to 2016, which is due to the entire fulltime workforce having increased during this period. 

Around 58 percent of the employees work in the industry and with manufacturing of energy related good while 13 percent work in the energy business and around 6 percent work with consultation.

The rate of Green employment is increasing

The green part of the energy employment that made up for around 43 percent of the 31,200 that made up the entire energy related employment in 2016. This is an increase of around 3300 compared to 2014, where the green employment made up for around 27900. The green employment has increased by 6 percent annually in the 2014 to 2016 period, while the average annual growth in the of the entire workforce of the entire industry was 1 percent.

Majority of energy related jobs located in Jutland 

The numbers show that the majority of energy related jobs are in Jutland. This is especially the case in the middle of the area where a third of the jobs are to be found. At the same time there are municipalities where the green jobs make up for more than 10 % of all jobs in the area. An example of this would be Ikast-brande where around 26 percent of FTEs can be characterized as energy employment. 

Top 5 Danish municipalities with the highest amount of energy employment compared to their total employment in 2016






25,6 pct.



16,3 pct.



15,5 pct.



12,1 pct.



10,0 pct.

With a share of 21.5 percent, Ikast-Brande is also the municipality that has the highest amount people employed in the energy sector compared the entire employment in the municiplaity.


3. May 2018