The mayor of Sonderborg shared knowledge with mayors from the entire EU

The mayor of Sonderborg shared knowledge with mayors from the entire EU

The EU’s climate commissioner and 700 mayors from Europe listened were listening at a meeting in Brussels Thursday, when mayor Erik Lauritzen shared the experiences of Sonderborg’s ProjectZero.

By Sonderborg municipality. Translated by Brian Egering.

Sonderborg is in front when it comes to becoming CO2-neutral. This become clear, when mayor Erik Lauritzen Thursday was invited to Brussels. At the meeting he was to debate about the experiences of ProjectZero. A whopping amount of four EU – Commissioners were participating in the meeting. Among these was Climate commissioner of the EU, Miguel Arias Cañete – and in the paneldebate together with Erik Lauritzen was, among others, mayor of the Italian Florence, mayor for the Slovacian Prešov and the president for the Spanish region Murcia.

Mayors assembled in” The Covenant of Mayors”

The listeners included mayors and regional leaders from entire Europe, who are assembled in “The covenant of Mayors. This pact is an assembling of more than 9200 mayors and regional leaders. “The Covenant of Mayors” is an initiative that brings European cities and regions closer together about increasing the climate efforts.  

“It is a big honor for me to sit in front of both the Climate commissioner and mayors from the whole of Europe to share our experience of ProjectZero. It shows me, that we are ahead and that Sonderborg is a municipality, that other European cities can use as an example”, says mayor Erik Lauritzen.

Mayor on the Panel

Thursday 700 mayors met in the Europe-parlament to share their experienced regarding protection of the climate. Erik Lauritzen was a part of the panel’s debate about the cities’ contribution about protecting the climate.

At this event the mayor told about Sonderborg’s long lasting focus on the climate and how the municipality has shared its experiences with visitors from all over the globe. In addition, Erik Lauritzen spoke about the corporation with the two Chinese cities and about using experiences and knowledge from Sonderborg in a larger scare:

“In a global context Sonderborg is a small city. That is why it is fantastic that we can present it in front of mayors from the whole of Europe and show what we are capable of. It is easier to try new things and gather experiences in a smaller city, and this is one of the situations where we really are able to share from what we have learned”

The meeting Thursday was the 10 years anniversary of the “Covenant of Mayors”. The pact is an initiative made by the Europe-commission as a supplement for the initiatives that are made by the countries who are members of the EU on a national level. The initiative is made for creating a healthy environment, green jobs and quality of life for citizens. Quite unusual no less than four commissioners and the president of the parliament took part.


3. March 2018