The municipality establishes more green business- contacts to China

The municipality establishes more green business- contacts to China

During the week two Chinese delegations have visited Sonderborg. Their missions were to enhance the cooperation  about knowledge and solutions regarding sustainable energy between Sonderborg and Denmark. Within a short amount of time another three delegations are headed to Sonderborg.

By Sonderborg municipality. English translation by Brian Egering.

Mayor Erik Lauritzen shakes the hand of Ding Jie, the chairman in Dalian refrigeration and leading member of the Liaoning-province.

Sonderborg municipality has, since, 2007, where the vision of becoming the first co2-neutral area of Europe was decided by the city council and taken into action by ProjectZero – made itself noticed around the world on the Green Business- area. This position was further validated when Sonderborg/ProjectZero I 2010, as the first Danish area/project, received the EU’s prestigious energyprice and when the deal about city cooperation between EU and China was signed in 2013.  The Sonderborg/Haiyan partnership

The Sonderborg/Haiyan partnership is, as the only city partnership in Denmark, highlighted as a role model for city cooperation. Haiyan has an Esbensen designed part of town and a Zerohouse consisting of a series of Danish products. EUC syd teaches students and teachers from the polytechnical school in Haiyan about sustainability and a big part of the Universe Science Park is on its way to Haiyan.

When Sonderborg municipality gets involved in China political connections is the way to go.

A major Danfoss client

We would like to contribute to our green companies can enter the vast Chinese market. I gladly receive delegations, and we, or ProjectZero are often involved in planning programs for the guests, which, not only, include visiting local companies, that provide green solutions and knowledge, but also tours at the central heating plant, solar energy plants and local school. We welcome growth and job openings in Sonderborg, but out businesses are, themselves, responsible for establishing contacts and making business. Local businesses are very interested in this mayor Erik Lauritzen, says.

The mayor has, this week, received two delegations. Dalian Refrigeration from the northeastern corner of China is one of Danfoss’ big clients and has an annual revenue of 13 billion Danish Kroner. The delegation visited Sonderborg central heating plants, the Zerohouse, Universe, the solar energy plant of Danfoss along with the ocean heating pumps at Alsion. Apart from the delegation from Dalian, another one from Baoding, that Sonderborg, already in 2011, made a sister city agreement with, came to visit. The leader of the delegation Vice mayor Li Jungfeng and the remaining members’ visit included seeing Danfoss, SuperBrugsen I Høruphav, which is heating with surplusheating from refrigerators and freezers, along with Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Blans, which focuses on food safety, which is a big issue in China. Lately Danfoss has a big assignment in Baoding regarding establishing central heating.

Another three delegations from Chengde in China, Belarus and Estonia are to visit Sonderborg in September to learn about green and sustainable energy.




11. September 2017