UN: Young people are to be the climate ambassadors of the world

UN: Young people are to be the climate ambassadors of the world

The UN strengthens young peoples’ participation in working on bettering the planet. One of Sonderborg’s ambassadors, Yash, has just participated in a UN youth climate conference in New York.

By Kasper Wilkens. Translated by Brian Egering.

Every six months the UN is hosting it’s, so called, “UN Youth Assembly”, where chosen youngsters from more than 100 countries meet to discuss, debate and exchange knowledge about with each other how the UN’s 17 world goals can be realized, and how a sustainable development is created.

ProjectZero’s own young ambassador, Yashhvardhan Gusani (Yash) participated in the recent climate conference. In addition, Yash not only participated in summer 2009 in the Bright Green Youth – conference in Sonderborg, but also in fall 2017 as a (youth) guest speaker at the climate conference as Alsion. 

Yash follows Sonderborg’s transition closely and wished to  give us an impression of how it is to be a part of this even, what the young participants got out of the conference, and what message the UN had for the young generation – and the rest of the population.

The youth is the highest priority

The UN has made it clear that it’s highest priority is to enhance the young generation in working on making our planet a better place to be – now and in the future. This was the message Yash received, when he visited the UN headquarters in New York to participate in a conference for young people. The UN has a strong belief that the mindset, creativity and engagement that the young generation possesses today, can be  a part of solving some of the most challenging problems that we are facing, such as poverty, education and climate change.

The young generation plays an important role in securing that our planet is a good place to live for all people – in the current generation and in those to come. Despite of different fields of expertise and professional interests, every speaker was focusing on the fact, that the biggest unused resource in the struggle against climate change, poverty and the road to the 17 world goals is the youth. It was stressed, that it is impossible to reach the ambitions, if the young generation is not allowed to participate and taking the lead.

Feel free to read about Yash’s report in the link engelsk.

Sonderborg is well on the way in involving the youth in the climate-struggle

In Sonderborg the involvement of kids and youngsters already plays a big role. Sonderborg’s House of Science creates a sustainable way of thinking starting in the nursery continuing all the way to PhD, and Sonderborg’s UNESCO Sustainable Learning City further strengthens, not only in the education field, but also in the area’s companies and families. Furthermore, ProjectZero has increased its efforts in order to make young people feel like an active part of the vision about a CO2-neutral growth area in Sonderborg.

This being at placed highly on the UN’s agenda confirms Sondeborg’s efforts in making the young people the climate ambassadors of the area and with ambassadors like Yash, who is a part of  spreading the knowledge of Sonderborg along with getting Sonderborg more knowledge and climate experience from countries like the USA and India, this effort is not likely to be down prioritized for a long time.



14. March 2018