Public Private Partnerships Guideline

Cooperation of public authorities with private investors on energy efficiency in the local building stock

Municipalities across Europe play a key role in closing the gap between need for change related to more energy efficient buildings and the lack of action due to numerous barriers. Creating local private public partnerships (PPP) driven by municipalities has shown a promising way forward. This guideline is made for public officials in small and medium-sized municipalities around Europe looking for inspiration for an actionable and effective approach to improve energy efficiency in the existing building stock. Climate solutions are complex and best solved by a holistic approach and in close collaboration across sectors. It might sound easy, but the human factor makes it challenging. A growing number of municipalities already embrace the responsibility to reduce their local energy consumption and contributing locally to combat climate change. 

This Public Private Partnership Guideline was created by ProjectZero as a part of the ActNow! project. ProjectZero was founded back in 2007 as a PPP and has the most comprehensive experience working with such partnerships among all ActNow! partners 

The guideline is part of a larger set of dissemination materials that showcases the Act Now! approach to those not directly involved in the Act Now! project:

  • ‘Act Now! Manual “From SEAP to Investment’
  • ‘Act Now! Guideline Identification of Most Effective Energy Efficiency Measures’
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  • ‘Act Now! Guideline Financing of Energy Efficiency Projects’

Visit the ActNow! website for more information about the project.

2. November 2020