Energibyerne meeting in Horsens

After many online meetings in the past two years, the Danish SmartEnCity Network, Energibyerne, met for a 24h meeting in Horsens municipality on the 7th-8th December 2021. 

Six out of the seven cities decided in the summer 2021 to apply together for funding via the European City Facility (EUCF) program and recently were awarded the lump sum of 60.000 Euro which will result in a pre-feasibility project looking into increasing the use of electric vehicles and implementation of related infrastructure. The project will start in January 2022.  

Apart from discussing the EUCF project, the Energibyerne exchanged ideas about how is citizen engagement tackled in each of the municipalities and the lessons learned from their own experiences. Power to X is another very important topic for the Energibyerne that was discussed, especially having Skive’s Green Lab experiences and the consultancy expertise of PlanEnergi. 

One of the Energibyerne cities, Middelfart, created the first Climate People's Meeting, Klimafolkemødet, in 2021, which is going to be an annual event that puts the climate at the top of the agenda for three days in a row targeting citizens, professionals and politicians alike. The Energibyerne participated together at this event in 2021 and will also participate together in 2022. 

8. December 2021