How to find the electric car that suits your driving needs


Electric cars are gaining ground in the Sønderborg area. Today, there is also an electric car that matches any driving need. How to find your needs when buying an electric car.

Changing the road in the car market

When you go from driving a petrol or diesel car to driving an electric car, it's important to think about how far the new electric car can go on a charge. We need to get used to a whole new way of thinking about our range, where it is no longer the number of kilometres per litre of petrol/diesel, but the number of kilometres per kilowatt hour (kWh). Charging the car will also preferably be done at your home, rather than on the go – unless you go on longer trips. 

How do you find out what your need is?

Look back at your driving pattern over the last 1-2 weeks:

  1. how much have you driven in total?
  2. how much do you drive about per day?

Electric cars currently have an average range of about 250 km to about 500 km at a fully charged battery. However, you cannot count on driving this far, as air conditioning/heating systems, your driving, weather/wind conditions etc. will affect the battery and thus your range. As a general rule, you can start from the premise that your car should be able to drive to/from your workplace at least one charge. In addition, you must add kilometers to e.g. shopping and bring/pick up the children to school, etc.

The longer trips, such as holidays and family visits across the country, will require a charge along the way. However, as more electric cars arrive on the road, charging infrastructure in Denmark is on the way. We recommend that you choose your electric car based on the daily driving needs you have.

Electric cars are ready

If we look at the list of all registered electric cars in the Sønderborg area in 2021, then top-3 electric cars will, in our opinion, be able to handle a daily drive of approx. 170 km.

Remember to take your driving pattern to the car dealership so that it can become part of your decision when you buy an electric car.

Cars in the Sønderborg area are changing

Sales of green cars continue to increase and in August sales of 29 new electric cars have been registered in the Sønderborg area, which corresponds to about 18 percent of all new cars sold.

Electric cars - the best choice in terms of climate challenges

In relation to both the climate challenges and the electricity-driven energy system of the future, the electric car is the most efficient mode of transport, for individual transport and as the current becomes 100 percent CO2 neutral, electric cars also become CO2 neutral.

29. September 2021