Kick-off for ProjectZero Masterplan2029 process

More than 100 local experts and stakeholders created the Roadmap2025 back in 2018 which is Sonderborg's ProjectZero roadmap towards 75% CO2 reduction in 2025. BCG Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is now helping Sonderborg's local experts to plan all the way to zero in 2029 and ensure robust action plans for the focus areas.

On Tuesday 24 August 2021, almost 70 local experts and stakeholders in energy, housing, business and transport gathered at Hotel Alsik to initiate the preparation of a comprehensive ProjectZero Masterplan2029. Masterplan2029 must ensure a robust overall strategy and action plan for the focus areas, in order to ensure that the zero is realized in 2029 in the most cost-effective way.

The framework conditions are constantly changing

In 2018, Sonderborg lacked a national framework with ambitious national goals and actions. We got it with the adoption of the Climate Act in 2020. With Green Deal, Bauhaus and Renovation Wave, the EU has set an ambitious advisor for the EU's climate efforts, which already now creates cross-pressure on companies' production and energy use, agriculture, the financial world, etc. - and ultimately supports citizens' climate travel on housing, transport, food, consumption, etc.

Despite only 8 years to zero in 2029, there are still unknowns. The numerically largest focus areas are continued securing of renewable energy from own energy sources: wind, solar and biomass. But electrification of passenger transport in particular and the companies' journey towards zero are important focus areas that must be quality assured through the Masterplan2029 process.

The technologies have become more mature and cheaper, but are still based on energy efficiency, avoidance / utilization of waste between sectors (sector coupling) and smart / intelligent phasing in of energy from wind, solar and biomass.

Need to update the action plans

"It has never been more relevant and exciting to deal with the climate," says Hans Lehmann, Chairman of the Board of Project Zero A / S and continues, "When the current action plan (Roadmap2025) was prepared in 2018, there was still a lot of skepticism internationally about the necessary climate efforts. Since then, climate change has become more visible. With the Masterplan2029 project, we therefore want to ensure that Sønderborg's action plans towards zero in 2029 are based on both the best technologies / solutions and in Denmark's more ambitious climate objectives ”.

The development of the Masterplan2029 strategy and action plans will take place in the autumn of 2021 with support from BCG Boston Consulting Group. The project is organized in 13 hotspots / working groups with representatives of the area's utility companies, energy producers, companies, banks, craftsmen, housing associations, real estate agents, educational and research institutions and Sonderborg municipality etc.

In the third quarter of 2021, the groups, together with the BCG Boston Consulting Group, will formulate a strategy and set objectives for the individual hotspot focus areas. In the 4th quarter of 2021, the hotspot groups will prepare hotspot action plans that support the formulated strategies and objectives in order to ensure the realization of the zero in 2029 based on the most cost-effective and time-safe way.

Masterplan2029 with strategy and action plans is expected to be approved by ProjectZero´'s boards and the City Council before Christmas 2021 with a view to commissioning in 2022.

Masterplan2029 is also a foundation for Green Growth

“The green transition not only contributes to securing the future of the planet, but is also the commercial opportunity of the century, and we must attract decision-makers from all over the world who must come to Sønderborg to get inspiration and concrete solutions for how to make an entire city CO2 -neutral. We must take the lead and profile Sønderborg and generate export opportunities for our local companies as well as create new, green jobs and growth ", says Lars Tveen, chairman of the ProjectZero Foundation, who is also pleased that Sønderborg has been chosen as the host city for the world's largest energy efficiency conference, IEA International Energy Agency, which usually holds its energy summit in Paris.

To strengthen green growth, local job creation and competence development, a joint forum has been established - Green Growth Sonderborg - with the participation of ProjectZero, the Growth Council, Energy Cluster Denmark, Clean, SDU and Sonderborg Municipality.

Green growth coordinates the area's many initiatives and initiatives - in order to ensure that Roadmaps and master planning go hand in hand with building promising demonstrators and the companies' own green development and growth ambitions.

1. September 2021


Download the current Roadmap2025 and previous Roadmaps as well as the original Masterplan2029 (prepared in 2008/2009) from ProjectZero´'s website here. 

Green growth

The Sonderborg initiative will help to create a unique opportunity for Sonderborg to become the place where cities and companies go to get inspiration and skills to tackle the climate challenge properly.

The participants in Grøn Vækst Sonderborg (Green Growth Sonderborg) are ProjectZero, Vækstrådet, Energi Cluster Denmark, Clean, SDU and Sonderborg Municipality, and Grøn Vækst Sonderborg will coordinate the many initiatives and initiatives in the Sonderborg area with the goal of creating green growth and new, local jobs.

Sonderborg is a frontrunner when it comes to the green transition and has strong research and educational institutions, where, among other things, significant investments are made in further developing the area's core competencies within mechanics, mechatronics and industrial electronics.

Sonderborg municipality also has a number of companies that work purposefully with products and solutions that streamline energy and resource use and produce green energy, all of which must be included in the green growth agenda for Sonderborg.

Read more about Green Growth in the Green Growth Sonderborg catalog here.