Sonderborg Municipality is approaching the goal for solar energy

With the establishment of two new photovoltaic systems at Als - at Stevning and Lysabild - Sonderborg Municipality will reach almost 90% of the solar cells capacity goal of 100 MW, which is a sub-goal in the Roadmap2025 plan to become CO2-neutral in 2029. The two plants will together be able to supply approx. 19,000 households with electricity.

By Sonderborg Municipality


The plant at Lysabild, which Clean Energy Advisors ApS is behind, is the longest in the approval process. The local plan proposal for the facility has been in public consultation, and the Technical and Environmental Committee has now recommended that the City Council approve the proposal at its meeting on 25 August. The area being laid out has been reduced by three hectares up to Lille Mommarkvej compared to the original proposal and will be 32 hectares.
The 36-hectare facility north of Stevning will be established by Better Energy, and here the Technical and Environmental Committee has just approved that the local plan proposal and the environmental report for the area be sent for public consultation for eight weeks. Only then does any. adjustments and treatment in the Technical and Environmental Committee and in the City Council.

Dialogue and cooperation are the way forward
- The UN's new climate report is a clear call to all to make an effort for the climate, and we do so in Sonderborg Municipality. First and foremost, I am glad that we are constantly reducing CO2 emissions and thus moving closer to a better future for our grandchildren and their descendants. Secondly, I am incredibly pleased with the good dialogue with the parties involved, not least the farmers, who we have succeeded in Sonderborg Municipality in the process of finding suitable areas for the photovoltaic systems. It is necessary if we are to solve the task of becoming CO2-neutral in 2029 that everyone works towards this. This is exactly the attitude we have met here, and it has been really good, says the chairman of the Technical and Environmental Committee, Aase Nyegaard.

It is an important step
The deputy chairman of the committee, Stefan Lydal, adds:

- With the local plans here, which pave the way for supplying almost 19,000 households with electricity, these are initiatives that really push our efforts to become CO2-neutral. Together with everything that private individuals, institutions and companies offer, it is going in the right direction.
Around both plants, typical shrubs and trees must be planted in three rows in a five-six meter wide belt before the plants can be started up.

3. September 2021


The facility northwest of Lysabild on 32 hectares has been sent to the City Council for approval with a recommendation from the Technical and Environmental Committee.
A proposal for a local panel and an environmental report for the project north of Stevning has just been approved by the Technical and Environmental Committee and will now be in public consultation for eight weeks. Thereafter, consultation responses may be incorporated. in the plan before it must be approved by the Technical and Environmental Committee and the City Council.

See the project's physical location and read more about the local plan in Lysabild here.