270,000 DKK saved: Sønderborg Andelsboligforening is working towards the goal of green renovation

The renovation of the Rådmandsløkken 2A-24F department in Sønderborg Andelsboligforening (SAB) has now been completed and is an important piece in the housing association's green transformation.

The residents of Rådmandsløkken decided a year ago that their department should live up to today's green standards and benefit the residents' finances in the long run.

When the roof of the department's buildings still needed to be replaced, an opportunity was seen to also optimize the department's energy. During the preparation of the energy screening, it was clear that implementing green initiatives could also save a lot. Therefore, the residents of the ward ended up voting for the investment of the renovation.

The roof had to be replaced and in that context they also used to mount solar cells. Here, it is estimated that 35 percent of own electricity consumption will be covered by solar cell electricity. Of course, there is a difference between summer and winter.

Solar cell battery systems in several housing associations in the Sonderborg area

Sønderborg Andelsboligforening (SØBO) and B42 are housing associations in Sonderborg Municipality, which for a long time have worked with the installation of solar cell battery systems, as part of their energy and sustainability strategy;

”Sønderborg Andelsboligforening's department 21 at Rådmandsløkken is one of the housing departments that has carried out a thorough energy renovation in a very fine way in connection with the choice to install solar cells on the roofs. The solar cells are connected to batteries that can store some of the collected solar energy for use in the evening or the next day. This new technological facility has received financial support from the EU project "SmartEnCity" where Sonderborg is a Lighthouse city. SmartEnCity has also provided financial support for solar cell battery systems in 8 other housing departments in SAB and for departments at the housing associations SØBO and B42. ” says Torben Esbensen, civil engineer, coordinator of the housing associations' EU project.

Cheaper for residents

At Sønderborg Andelsboligforening, it is estimated that the establishment of the solar cell system with battery will result in an energy saving of 74,189 kWh per. year, CO2 reduction of 40.6 tonnes of CO2 per. year and a saving of 227,500 DKK annually.

In addition, the six properties that Rådmandsløkken consists of are equipped with 18 ventilation systems that have been replaced. The new ventilation systems are more energy friendly than the old ones and they do not have to run as much. This is because another control has been added, which means that it is controlled according to consumption instead of just driving from there.

The energy report shows that the new balanced ventilation systems will be able to provide a saving of 37 percent on electricity for ventilation, and the energy savings will be DKK 42,500 annually. All in all, you will be able to save 38 DKK per year per square meter in net energy savings. In addition, of course, a lot of CO2 emissions - from 157 tons to 101.2 tons per year.

12. January 2022