Housing associations in Sonderborg are investing almost DKK 200 million DKK in climate

Since 2018, Sonderborg's six non-profit housing associations have completed more than 190 energy renovation projects and invested almost DKK 200 million DKK in solar energy as well as conversions from gas to district heating or heat pumps.

By ProjectZero

Cooperation with the EU ensured energy savings

The six housing associations in Sonderborg were recently gathered for a Vision Day for a status on the many energy renovation projects that have been implemented since 2018 to climate-proof the homes.

The many climate projects have been realized in close collaboration between the EU projects HAPPI, SmartEnCity and Sonderborg's ProjectZero with the goal of saving energy and thus emitting less CO2 - emission and at the same time achieve better living comfort in the approximately 3,500 public housing in the Sonderborg area.

"The housing associations have been on an impressive climate journey over the past four years, where through the involvement of residents and association boards, a strong community has been created about future climate solutions, all of which contribute to our common goal of CO2 neutrality in 2029 in the Sonderborg area," said Mayor Erik Lauritzen praising on the housing associations' vision day.

Investments for DKK 200 million DKK in greener solutions

In total, almost 200 million DKK has already been invested among other things in insulation of exterior walls, replacement of windows, technical energy optimization installations, conversion to district heating and heat pumps as well as installation of roof-integrated photovoltaic systems and batteries.

“I am very impressed by our housing associations, which help showing the way for energy-saving initiatives that increase interest not only in Denmark but also internationally, and when the International Energy Agency holds its energy efficiency conference in Sonderborg in June 2022, it is among other things to look at the solutions that the housing associations have demonstrated ”, says Erik Lauritzen.

The investment decisions also reach forward in time and mean, among other things, that 200 homes in Nordborg Andelsboligforening replace natural gas with district heating, just as the housing associations Danbo and Gråsten Andelsboligforening have decided to convert to district heating. 

Solar cells and batteries are the climate solution of the future

Boligselskabet Danbo, Gråsten Andelsboligforening, SØBO, B42 and Sønderborg Andelsboligforening have established solar cell and battery systems - and the combination of solar cells and battery systems is the climate solution of the future.

"In the future, we must be able to store the green energy from solar cells and with battery systems we can use the green energy - even when the sun is not shining", says Torben Esbensen from Dansk Energi Management A / S, who has assisted housing associations in their energy renovation projects.

Continued cooperation and green ambassadors

All Sonderborg area housing associations support the continued close cooperation, among other things through the green ambassadors and resident theme meetings, and this pleases Vivian Engelbredt, who is chairman of Sønderborg Andelsbolig Forening:

“The renovation projects make good financial sense and we are really proud that we have succeeded in engaging the residents in the projects. It is important that we focus on involving even more residents, among other things through our green ambassador program, and then we must follow up closely on activities so that everyone retains commitment and co-ownership. ", Says Vivian Engelbredt who is also pleased, that the climate projects also provide savings for the individual resident.

The EU projects SmartEnCity and HAPPI started in 2016 and 2018 and were for the housing associations the start of a large, green transformation, which right now concerns 3,500 non-profit housing in six housing associations in Sonderborg Municipality. The projects have been carried out in close collaboration with Dansk Energi Management, EUC Syd and ProjectZero.

9. February 2022

Happi is a three-year EU-funded project that paves the way for 3,300 tenancies across six different housing associations in Sonderborg to be energy renovated. The project will i.a. examine how the homes are best energy renovated, what technologies and methods are to be used, and how the extensive renovations are to be financed so that they do not result in increased expenses for the residents.

Read more about Happi on the project's website.


EU SmartEnCity has in Sonderborg since 2016 contributed with:

- energy renovations of almost 1,000 homes in SAB, B42 and Søbo incl. solar cells and intelligent battery solutions that can save power and contribute to self-sufficiency in the individual departments
- establishment of 24 electric car charging points at i.a. Bilka, Sønderborg Forsyning, Danish Crown, 1864 historiestentret, Retten i Sønderborg
- establishment of an urban network with now 61 European cities, which inspire each other and collaborate on the best solutions, the involvement of citizens and companies, the energy planning processes, etc. Read more at www.SmartEnCityNetwork.eu
- development of Roadmap2025 in 2018, which involved more than 100 local and national experts
- development and launch of data platform (CIOP) in order to be able to show the Sonderborg area's energy production and consumption in real time - ie now and here
- development and holding of the Hackaton event at Alsion with the participation of almost 75 students, teachers, company representatives, politicians etc. 

Read more about SmartEnCity on the project's English website: www.smartencity.eu

Read more about the SmartEnCity initiatives in Sonderborg at www.smartencity.dk