“The Energy Islands” Network

The leaders of the national-based SmartEnCity Network (Energibyerne) in Denmark have started discussions with the 3 leading Danish green islands with the idea of sharing the Energibyerne learnings focused on the barriers, challenges, and opportunities that islands have regarding the energy transition.



The Energibyerne is a network of 7 Danish cities all a part of the SmartEnCity Network where Lighthouse City Sonderborg is a partner too. Find out more about Energibyerne here.
On the meeting with the islands the Energibyerne cooperation was referenced where it was also indicated that islands need another approach from regular on land municipalities.
The islands are Samsø, Ærø and Bornholm. Sharing best practice energy experiences, citizen engagement and new project development within an island framework might also be of interest for the islands, which will continue their discussions in the Spring.

11. February 2022