Intelligent heatpumps

The challenges of incorporating renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar power, into the energy system of the future require intelligent products and solutions that are able to adapt and take advantage of cheap green energy when it is available and conversely to limit the strain on the energy system when green energy is scarce. A new development in these intelligent products and solutions is the concept of intelligent heating. Intelligent heating is being developed for both the collectively supplied markets and the individually heated markets.

In district heating, intelligent heating means controlling the temperature of the supplied heat, using a mix of energy sources when they are individually economically efficient and integrating different solutions into network.

ProjectZero is involved in several activities aimed at furthering Intelligent Green District Heating.

In rural areas where heating is generated at individual households and businesses other solutions are needed. ProjectZero works actively on converting the areas oil and natural gas burners, as well as electric resistance heaters, into heat pumps and other climate friendly solutions. The heat pump is the most energy efficient, economical and climate friendly solution currently available for individual heating, furthermore new projects are now underway to make them intelligent.

This means that heat pumps will be able to turn on during the night hours when green energy is in surplus, store a large amount of hot water in buffer tanks and eventually use this hot water for consumption when needed. Coupling such a solution with a flexible tariff system will not only provide for a greener heating solution, but also an even more economically attractive product.

ProjectZero and SE (Syd Energi – Regional utility Company) are involved in a demonstration project where 50 intelligent heat pumps will be established to operate as part of a national development project and demonstrate intelligent individual heating.

In 2010 the world’s first intelligent heat pump was installed in a private household in the Sonderborg-area, since then more than 30 similar intelligent heat pumps have been installed and the project continues.

October 2014

Ground heat pump system

The world's first intelligent heat pump was installed in a private household in the Sonderborg-area. Here the owner Christel Juhl Thomsen