"The Diamond" World Class sportshall

The Diamond

The Diamond – world class sports hall energy retrofit with strong citizen ownership

Local citizens in Fynshav (the outskirt of Sonderborg) decided in 2007 to renew a 40 year-old sports hall to a modern sport center, including use of the most modern and energy efficient construction technology and methods. In august 2010 the renovation was completed and the new ”shining diamond”, a top modern sports center, was taken into use by the local citizens.

The Diamond building was upgraded to the 2015 energy standards (for new buildings!) and the energy consumption is less than half of similar newbuild sports halls. Electricity is provided from photovoltaic on the roof. Heat for hot water and the building itself is generated from solar heat-panels and a heat pump. An advanced HVAC-system demonstrates a new principle for reuse of heat and air-conditioning.

The ventilation system, operated with very little power consumption, contributes with up to 30% energy savings and reduces by up to 25% CO2-emissions. The investment is paid back in less than 10 years.
The solar heat-system produces hot water equivalent to 50 persons annual consumption of hot water. The investment is paid back in app. 8 years.
The photovoltaic-system produces power equivalent to the electricity consumption of 3 larger residential houses. The investment will be paid back in less than 20 years.

Besides innovative and energy-efficient qualities, the Diamond also appears to be a real pearl of architecture, inviting young and old to join social community, culture and sports activities.

October 2014