Bright Green Business

ProjectZero is the vision for creating a ZEROcarbon Sonderborg by 2029, based on sustainable growth and with GREEN JOB creation as a secondary result.

The ProjectZero concept is based on energy efficiency improvements combined with renewable energy from the area´s own green sources - all documented in the ProjectZero Masterplan.

All stakeholders in the area are involved in the execution of ProjectZero, taking responsibility and actions.

Creating Sustainable Cities is a global challenge and ProjectZero aims at being in the forefront.

Business community

The business community in Sonderborg has strong traditions and competencies within energy efficiency, cleantech and smart/intelligent solutions for energy and water. Danfoss and many other world leading companies have their headquarters, R&D and manufacturing in the Sonderborg-area.

The Climate challenge is one of the world's most important issues to resolve. It is important for the future of our planet, but it is also a great global business opportunity, as business is a major driver for “meeting the challenge".

Existing technologies can take us approx. half way, but new technologies, solutions and cost reduction programs need to be developed in a close cooperation with new stakeholders.

Business analysts estimate sustainable energy and water solutions to be the fastest growing business opportunity for the next 20 years, strongly supported by government regulations all over the world.

But Corporate Social Responsibility also means that the corporations themselves take the prescribed green medicine and reduce their own carbon emissions.

ProjectZero supports both dimensions - the business/solution creation and reducing industry´s own carbon emissions.

Clean Cluster

Clean Cluster is the national hub for technology/solution development among companies. "Next practice" solutions can help cities all over the world lower carbon emissions and thereby become Carbon-neutral.

The LINAK Company is a major ZEROcompany rolemodel

The ZEROcompany, the ZEROshop and the ZEROtourism programs are important ProjectZero participatory platforms for companies to reduce their own carbon footprint. Sonderborg´s LINAK-company in 2010 decided to become a 100 % green company by improving energy efficiency in its operations and by developing its own renewable energy supply based on wind, photovoltaic and green district heating.

This is why ProjectZero and Bright Green Business go hand in hand.

Sonderborg seeks collaborationsThrough partnerships and by sharing solutions, ProjectZero aims to establish a leading position for Denmark in CO2-neutral growth and sustainable cities. Therefore, we are seeking collaborations on new technologies, offshore wind turbines and climate-friendly projects.

2010 Energy Strategy

The Sonderborg Municipality is a major player when it comes to achieving the CO2- neutral Sonderborg-area. Therefore, already in 2008, the Sonderborg Municipality, as one of the first municipalities, elaborated an Energy Policy and Strategy.

“2010 Energy Strategy", the latest version, shows to the community at large, how the Municipality wants to implement renewable energy and energy efficiency measures in all areas and departments.

Learn more about Sonderborg Municipality´s “2010 Energy Strategy"