Imagine a system that monitors electricity and heat, so that you only use energy in the rooms where you are. Or imagine an intelligent system which can be programmed to adjust the room temperature to the comfort temperature when Aunt Ann is visiting you. Or a system, that checks your Outlook-calendar and knows when you will be at home in order to adjust the room temperature to meet your specific needs.

CLEAN - Denmarks Green solutions Growth Engine

CLEAN is Denmark’s Green Growth Engine. A new, national cluster cooperation with its Secretariat located in Sonderborg, is aimed to create growth in Danish companies and grow the export of energy solutions. Developing new intelligent energy efficient solutions is much more viable than researching new renewable energy sources.
The long term vision for CLEAN is to secure energy efficient solutions to a modern society. To get there requires knowledge, technology and close cooperation combined with a business mindset.
CLEAN connects existing technologies, products and competencies in order to create new energy systems focused on reduction of energy waste.
CLEAN creates an open infrastructure. A playground allowing small and medium sized companies to experiment with new energy technologies and solutions; including district heating, biofuels, heat pumps and photovoltaic integrated in electrical vehicles etc.

Clean has a key representative office at Alsion, Sonderborg.

October 2014