ZEROshop program

The ZEROshop concept is a participatory program for retail businesses, shops, boutiques and chain stores in the Sonderborg-area.

More than 100 shops have committed themselves to reducing their energy consumption and CO2-emissions – some are reading their energy meters every days.

“All shops have a clear focus on customer service and sales, but they often ignore their energy expenses and carbon emissions, therefore these issues must be addressed." So says Peter Rathje, ProjectZero, who initiated the ZEROshop program.

The participating shops are rewarded with the ‘ZEROshop’ label when they complete their energy efficiency measures and retrofits. By doing this the shops themselves become showcases for the program.

The project started in September of 2009 and now more than 100 shops have made remarkable improvements and consequently awarded the ZEROshop label. The shops have already reduced their energy consumption by between 10 % and more than 50 %. Main focus is energy meters, lightning, timer and thermostat setting, standby-consumption, and reuse of heat from refrigerators.

As a ZEROshop you will get publicity through ProjectZero's storytelling and materials for marketing the shops climate related efforts; the ZEROshop name and logo can freely be used in the general marketing of the shops.

ZEROshop - Cafe Ib Rehne Cairo

The ZEROshop certification May 2013