Click Sonderborg

Click Sonderborg is a ZEROshop!

In 2009 the shop reduced its energy consumption by 16 % and saved a good deal of money in the process.

"It is so easy that one almost cannot help, but do it," according to co-owner Christian Petersen. He continues:

"All the shops in the Sonderborg-area should join this program. Let us all choose the clever climate solutions. It is easy and quickly to save money, and do something for the climate at the same time. We simply can’t afford not to do it".

When Click as of 2009 carries the ZEROshop label in the window, it is to encourage customers and colleagues to join the climate combat.

To become a ZEROshop, “Click” has done the following:

  • Received an energy consultation that includes: reviewing of the current energy consumption as well as finding the best methods and solutions to reduce it
  • Replaced conventional – lighting with low energy lighting, including spotlights in the windows and showcases, reducing the shop's energy consumption by 16 %
  • Prepared an elaborated plan for further energy improvements and renovations
  • Continued monitoring of energy consumption
October 2014

The owner of the Click ZEROshop Christian Petersen