It is all about making a difference - Sonderborg makes a difference!

With the ZEROshop program and the ProjectZero vision, Sonderborg chooses action before words. HOME, a local real-estate agent takes the lead with a 45 % reduction in their power consumption. HOME joined the ZEROshop program as one of the first participants.

"I joined this program to help highlighting the special efforts we make in Sonderborg – especially for the climate" - says the owner, real-estate agent Merete Lund Brock. She encourages other shops to join the program. "It is very easy," she says.

"Get started, that is all it takes! It is very easy to make a difference. There is no reason not to be a ZEROshop", is the clear message from Merete Lund Brock.

The shop has started many initiatives. "We have replaced the conventional lighting with LEDs. The cost was about DKK 12,000, an investment paid itself off in about a year and a half. Furthermore we no longer need changing halogen lights all the time", Merete Lund Brock continues. As a ZEROshop the HOME real estate agent will provide additional incentive in selling the area to newcomers.

We believe that we live in an area that pays a special attention to the climate. We wish to show it in the sales presentation and advertising. The houses that did anything from installing solar panels to changing the refrigerator should be highlighted. We need to tell all the good stories".

October 2014

The owner of the ZEROshop HOME - Merete Lund Brock