Climate, Wine and Good Salesmanship

Wohlenberg is Sonderborg's premier shop for quality wine and other specialties and has been so for many years, but it is also a shop that is not afraid to go new ways and take part in the area's efforts towards ZEROcarbon. The wine store has made strong and commendable efforts for climate protection. Besides the implementation of many energy efficiency measures; Wohlenberg now also market CO2–neutral wine.

“As a ZEROshop we want to enhance our profile as a store that demonstrate responsibility. Good salesmanship and common sense goes hand in hand. A well-run store that is in harmony with the surrounding community is our goal,”

- says the owner of the store Jorgen Petersen when talking about Wohlenberg's participation in the ZEROshop program. He continues:

"We are therefore proud to have succeeded in the implementation of many energy-savings measures. For example, we have replaced all conventional light bulbs with low-energy bulbs, and we have also waited for the correct lighting that provides the ideal classic look for our store and at the same time is not destructive to wine. All electric appliances in the warehouse area were also replaced by new ones, and thereby our energy costs have been reduced by 10 %

An energy-efficient retrofit of the building was also implemented, and despite the fact that the wine store has grown in size, it still succeeded in reducing its energy consumption by more than 30 %.

October 2014

The owner of the ZEROshop Wohlenberg - Joergen Petersen