Roadmap2025 looks into how will Sonderborg reach 75% CO2 emission reduction by 2025 and pave the way to a carbon neutral city in 2029. The roadmap has been developed by ProjectZero and approved and ratified by the City Council end of 2018.


Roadmap 2020

In 2014 ProjectZero launched its 2020 Roadmap for a 50% carbon reduction by 2020. The roadmap is based on 6 specific area initiatives: citizens, businesses, public sector, energy from renewables, Bio Economy and green Transportation.

Roadmap 2015

Efficiency and effectiveness are driving the short term initiatives:

Efficiency: Smart use of energy in new house construction, energy retrofits of existing houses/buildings and energy efficiency improvements in companies production processes. Several programs has been implemented to support energy efficiency improvements.

Conversion to renewables: Massive use of district heating based on new green sources and replacement of old oil burners by heat pumps will alone reduce the carbon emissions by 12.5 % toward 2015.