Rules for using the ProjectZero logo

The ProjectZeros logo is ProjectZero Company proprietary and can´t be used for any commercial use with prior written approval from the ProjectZero Company.

Use of images and txt from our website

You are allowed to copy txt from our website and use our images, conditioned that you always state ProjectZero as your source of information.

Use of the ProjectZero program/sub-logos

ProjectZero own several registrated program/sub-logos, which you are allowed to use if you are an active participating member of the associated program. The press is however always allows to use these sub-logos as images and illustrations.

It is strichtly forbitten to change or modify any ProjectZero–logo or ProjectZero proprietary design, including change of icons, graphic design etc. including the following program logos:

  • the ZEROcompany program logo
  • the ZEROshop program logo
  • the ZEROrealestate program logo
  • the ZEROhome program logo
  • the ZEROcarloan program logo
  • the ZEROcup program logo

Download ProjectZerologo

Download ProjectZero logo: